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How to Assemble Knock-Down Furniture

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     Knock-down (or flat pack) furniture is popular due to its cost-effectiveness. Because it is packaged  flat and portable enough to pick up and load in the car yourself, you save on delivery costs . Ready to assembly (RTA) furniture is also specifically prepare for simple construction, complete with instruction manuals that are clear and easy ti follow. Nevertheless, sometimes thing go wrong . Here are the few trips on how to assemble your knock-down furniture without hassles.

     1.determine beforehand it you'll need another set if hands to help you take the box(s) of preassembled furniture form the store to your home. Ask the store fir the estimated weight of each box. Furniture with hollow metal frame is kightweight, but if it has glass components, then its become heavy. Long pieces of furniture like cabinets and tall shelves will be difficult to handle alone. Glass and mirrors need to behandle wuth car

     2.Decide weather you want to assemble the furniture by yourself or with the help of some one else. Most "assemble-it-yourself" furniture can be completed alone, but some require three of four hands. Assembling furniture with friends sand family can be fun,but it can aslo be chaotic. Quality of assembly is aslo more difficult to ensure when too many hands are involved

     3.Designate an area that's sufficient for unpacking and maneuvering the preassembled pieces. The finished items might have a small footprint, but the loose pieces will need to be laid out over the wider work area, so be sure you have enough elbowroom. And you know where you want to put the new furniture, so,don't assemble it too far away.

     4.Advises the members of the household that assembly is ongoing. This means pets and toddlers need to be kept away from the construction areas. And everyone must know where the first-aids kit is located.

     5.Start unpacking only when you're ready to devote the time required to complete the assembly. Leaving furniture assembly half done usually leads to scattered pieces getting in the way of daily routines. The sooner you can complete putting the item together, thesooner you can get it out of the way.

     6.Open the box carefully and lay the cardboard flat to protect your floor and provide cushioning for the loose pieces during assembly. If the cardboard is not sufficient, work over the carpet or rug.

     7.Be ready with basic handyman tools. Some knock-down furniture is simple enough to boast  "no tools required" but more complex pieces will  probably call for a hammer and screwdrivers and may be may be even a power drill.Allen wrenches are usually provided.

     8.Spread out all the furniture prieces and accompaying hardware. Compare what you have with what's listed in the instruction manual. Be sure you have everthing before you start

     9.Follow the instruction carefully. No matter how simple the furniture looks, it helps tp read the instructions for assembly sequence and tips.

     10.When done, congratulate yourself and marvel at how much money yous save by doing assembly yourself.